Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Inattentive ADHD and anxiety

Moderate, persistent anxiety is a very common problem for people with inattentive ADHD, and it can present a catch 22 when it comes to taking medications.

If you're more anxiety prone than most people, then stimulants will only tend to make anxiety worse, and thus cancel out any positive benefits in terms of improved attention.
The ADHD drug Stattera is reported to have fewer side effects than stimulants when it comes to anxiety related issues, although it doesn't have quite such a good record in terms of improving attention. Someone pointed out to me that this may be because Stattera tends to be tried by people who have already failed to respond to other medications.

In terms of non-medical treatments for inattentive ADHD and anxiety, regular exercise and good sleeping habits, are perhaps the most important, as lack of exercise and sleep can worsen both anxiety and inattention.

I've written down some more thoughts and information on anxiety and inattentive ADHD and anxiety in
an article at the Ezine articles site.

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